Welcome to Youth For People

Youth for People - Touching Lives is a group of young and like-minded enthusiasts, who have been active since the 7/11 train bomb blast in Mumbai. They group has a passion and desire to give back to the society what they got from it – a respectful existence.

YFP believes that youth is blessed with the power to do anything and everything and is on a mission to mobilize the Youth energy towards the betterment of our society by serving the city through regular blood donations, supporting cancer patients and striving to solve problem of any other nature faced by the needy.

Youth for People realizes that the roots of our future lie with the educated breed of our society; therefore YFP supports Nareshwadi, a school/home for 500 tribal kids in Dhanu Road in the outskirts of Mumbai.


YFP is all about taking up responsibility towards humanity and understanding how a small gesture can enlighten the life of someone. We instill belief in people and urge them to work towards their own betterment.

Like minded people are invited to
join Youth for People.


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